Technology Used


MDT/ MDB machinesSuchi Industries Ltd. uses combination of 24 MTD/MTB embroidery machines manufactured by Lasser, a Swiss company which was established in 1954. The first electronically controlled shuttle embroidery machine was produced by Lasser. Today they lead the field in shuttle embroidery machine technology. Their references include many of the world’s leading embroidery companies including Suchi.

Suchi uses MTD/MTB embroidery machines for absolutely excellent results in embroidery manufacture. These gentle giants are revolutionizing modern embroidery technology. Quiet but powerful, they supremely bundle leading drive and processing features. Very easy to operate, they address multidimensional needs. With the Lässer MTD/ MTB Suchi has achieved new realities in embroidery manufacture because of the following advantages:

  • Ergonomic design and improved access and control
  • STG: The patented LÄSSER single thread guide system
  • Preventive needle deflection system
  • SERVO FEED: Thread roller drive with pattern storage
  • TRUE RUN: The revolutionary crank drive
  • MULTI DRIVE with matched cam drives
  • Constant fabric tension and flexible fabric fastening
  • Stitch length dependent speed reduction for moment-optimised embroidery
  • Economical thread cutting with repeat-defined shuttle change
  • SSL: The ingenious shuttle stop device

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