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Ashok Mehta

Mr. Ashok Mehta

Suchi Industries Ltd. was established by dynamic entrepreneur Shri Ashok S Mehta in 2004. The promoter prior to setting up this new company was in the business of Textiles since past 20 years. The promoter was a leading agent for exports since early nineties. He was also the whole time director of Empire Fashion Industries Ltd. from 5th Feb. 2001 to 16th Dec 2003. During this period he was actively involved in the manufacturing activity of the company. He was looking after daily design development and production negotiation with the supplier of threads and buyers. During this period he gained very good experience of running an embroidery unit. Because of his managerial skill and successful running of two embroidery machines, Empire Fashion Industries Ltd. had gone for expansion in Feb ’03 and installed another two machines. Shri Ashok S Mehta had successfully handled the whole unit comprising of four machines during the association with Empire Fashion Industries Ltd.

Mr. Mehta soon realized that since last couple of years the demand of embroidered fabrics are tremendous as by paying less one gets something elegant and gorgeous.  Also almost a decade back in Surat there were very few embroidery units and traders used to get their materials embroidered from Delhi, Amritsar and Mumbai. It is also pertinent to note that there was tremendous demand of embroidered fabrics outside India particularly as the Indian embroidered fabrics are available at most competitive rates as compared to rates of Korea and Indonesia which are another major manufacturer of embroidered fabrics.

To explore this increasing demand, Mr. Ashok Mehta decided to take advantage of his wide marketing network in and outside India, his goodwill amongst the customers and his past experience as a director of Empire Fashion Industries Ltd, and decided to open his own embroidery unit and thus established Suchi Industries Ltd.

Presently Mr. Ashok Mehta is the proud owner of Suchi Industries which has production capacity of approximately 6 million meters per anum. The Company shelters a workforce of 700 employees and has the appropriate infrastructure like sharing, mending, checking, sequence and computer designing.